Sensual LiberationĀ 

Sensual Liberation Session – get in touch with your sensual & spiritual being.

This session is a sacred bodywork-guiding session with a specific intention. Each session is unique and designed to empower you to trust in the wisdom of your body and spirit.

Sensuality is a journey inwards and about your relationship with yourself. When we connect to our sensuality we open ourselves up to an inner confidence that promotes love and self-acceptance.

During this session you may get an intuitive massage, be guided in intimacy/embodiment practice, sacred rituals or meditation depending on your need. That will support you to embody your core desires so you can open up for more love, pleasure and awaken your sensual & primal essence.

1450 SEK for 60 minutes.
1700 SEK for 90 minutes

Performed by Claudia Wildera.

About Claudia

Claudia Wildera is a mystical health guide, healing artist & natureā€™s mistress. Her dharma is to bridge awareness & inspire others of how to nourish oneself in a more natural & meaningful way to embody our true selves. She has 8 years of experience in practicing & studying different healing arts & alternative schools and has a natural intuitive ability to guide others on their health, sensual & spiritual paths.