Holistic Lifestyle Guiding

Book an in-depth-session where we take a closer look at your over-all health & lifestyle to optimize your energy, strength & harmony.

Depending on your state of health & needs, you will be guided how to nurture and rebalance yourself by applying holistic principles into your life.

This may include getting tools to expand the mind, self-care habits, diet/nutrition plans inspired by Ayurveda, detox cures, movement/embodiment exercises, creative expression & spiritual practice such as meditation, breathwork or journaling.

1450 SEK for 60 minutes
1700 SEK for 90 minutes

Performed by Claudia Wildera.

About Claudia

Claudia Wildera is a mystical health guide, healing artist & nature’s mistress. Her dharma is to bridge awareness & inspire others of how to nourish oneself in a more natural & meaningful way to embody our true selves. She has 8 years of experience in practicing & studying different healing arts & alternative schools and has a natural intuitive ability to guide others on their health, sensual & spiritual paths.