Create your own vaginal herb blend.

At this ritual you will be guided, inspired and learn how to support your vagina naturally with different herb/flower blends & other healing remedies together with Claudia Wildera. Understand their healing aspects and purpose, and how to combine them all together. Yoni Sauna also known as yoni steam is a self-care healing ritual for women’s vaginal health. An ancient wisdom that has been shared by deeply devoted sisters for thousands of years, it’s a sacred practice to homage, heal, cleanse & love our vagina.

Possible benefits of Yoni Sauna:
• Strengthen contact with the incredible power centers that our womb has.
• Reducing menstrual-related problems such as PMS, pain, swelling, fatigue, etc.
• Moon cycle can be stabilized if it has been irregular
• Cure fungal disorders and reduce the occurrence of cysts
• Faster healing after pregnancy and childbirth
• Strengthen the reproductive system and libido
• Relieves menopausal symptoms like dryness, joint pain etc.
• Releasing heavy emotions stored in the vagina & uterus

You will also be creating your own unique herbal blend and write your own womb healing affirmations to compliment your Yoni sauna journey at home.
All materials are organic and included in the workshop.

Date: 25th of October
Time: 16.00-18.30
Price: 550 kr