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We offer holistic Remedies for a body to soul journey. Experience our full-spectrum Infrared Sauna with medical chromotheraphy – The Healing Light, or work on your core with our signature Body Remedies – The Build, The Sculpt and The Balance which includes Garuda Slings and Garuda Barre. Go within and unwind with our range of mediation classes.

We also offer tailor-made Remedies through our One-On-One sessions with our experience personal trainers.

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Pilates and Garuda

It’s our core and our expertise. At Remedy we’ve played a little bit with the traditional techniques and have created contemporary and feel-good workouts combined with our view of holistic body care.



Our movement studio is heated to a nice 27-28 degrees celsius by state-of-the-art infrared technology, which gives the room a comfortable heat and helps create a detoxifying effect through sweat that stimulates blood circulation and is very pleasant for muscles, joints and fascia.

The Build

Our Build class will sculpt and strengthen your entire body with one of our favourite pilates equipment – The Chair.

This multifunctional piece of equipment strengthens muscles that are not easily reached. There are infinite number of exercises and is considered one of the most challenging pieces of equipment in terms of building strength in the legs and the upper body.

We incorporate props and challenging exercise movements at a fluid pace to leave you feeling taller, stronger and invigorated.

Our movement studio is heated to a nice 27-28 degrees celsius by state-of-the-art infrared technology.

The Sculpt

Our sculpting classes are based on the brilliant techniques of Pilates matwork.

You can expect tone, strength, flexibility but the primary intention of the method is much bigger. The unique part of Pilates is not physical, but mental. One of the key concepts of Pilates is the understanding that all movements originate from your core.

It is all about focus and being mindful of your body’s movements. With Pilates you improve your sensory awareness, which gives you mood improvement and stress reduction. If you are searching for a mind-body practice that sculpts and strengthen the body and has pleasant side benefits like great abs and more poise—the Pilates Sculpt is certainly for you.

Our movement studio is heated to a nice 27-28 degrees celsius by state-of-the-art infrared technology.

The Balance


What we need now is movement as medicine. Instead of limited motion, focusing mainly on building muscles to create stability, Garuda listen to our fascia. Using movements rooted in yoga, pilates and dance, helps you create a greater ease of movement. When you move, we unblock, start flowing and finally start healing our bodies. Garuda incorporate specific and focused motion using fluid dynamics, feeding fascia with the vital nutrients it needs to be soft and supple.

Garuda inspires a more intuitive way to exercise the body and it has all the benefits of a cardiovascular workout while stretching the mind and the body.

Our movement studio is heated to a nice 27-28 degrees celsius by state-of-the-art infrared technology.

Garuda Slings

The Garuda Sling is cutting edge, daring and challenging workout. The belt and the springs we use as the equipment helps you to lean into the space and challenge your instabilities. The training has been cleverly put together to strengthen, stabilize and heal. It has all the benefits of a workout while stretching the mind and body, making you aware of your body & soul balance.

Our movement studio is heated to a nice 27-28 degrees celsius by state-of-the-art infrared technology.

Garuda Barre

Our Garuda Barre session is a contemporary barre workout that incorporates the physicality and grace of dance, rhythm and flow.

Moving in many directions at the same time, this workout creates space in the body. Balance-, movement-, pulse- and strength-work, side-by-side to create a sense of sculpt, length and flow by the barre. Your body will be forever grateful that you discovered this unique style of movement.Our movement studio is heated to a nice 27-28 degrees celsius by state-of-the-art infrared technology.


Body & Soul connection

Remedy provides deeply rooted wellness traditions such as sound
healing, meditation, and breathwork to help our clients rediscover
themselves in body and soul connecting sessions.


The Sound

We hear before we can see. Sound is one of our key ways of connecting to ourselves and the world around us. We are surrounded by sound for most of our waking day so it’s the perfect object for meditation. In this class we relax with the sounds of Crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls that connect physically and mentally to transport you to a state of calm.

Performed by Saara Lindbohm or Claudia Wildera.

The Sound with Light Language

You are invited to a sacred journey through the inner landscape with Crystal Tones singing bowls and codes of light. Ayana facilitates re-connection to your true nature, activating the life-force within you that is the source and means to self-realisation and healing. To begin you will be guided through a short meditation simply using our breath and intention to prepare us for the sound journey. This allows us to arrive fully into the body, ground and connect into the supporting energies of the Earth and open our hearts to receiving. During the session the energy transmission is received through an otherworldly combination of tones from her voice and the divine sounds of the crystal singing bowls.

Performed by Ayana Etara.

The Breath

Feeling stressed or anxious? Practicing breathing grounds one in the here and now. That is why this is a good session for you. Learn to focus on your breathing in order to become more present. Work with the breath in a way that allows you to be calmer and not get too lost in your own world.

Performed by Luke Bache.


We start the class with a short writing exercise to release what doesn’t serve us anymore and to receive what we want more of in life.
Reiki charged crystals help us to amplify our intentions and each class has a specific theme based on the chakra we are working on.
The writing exercise is then followed by a guided meditation; a full-body scanning to balance all our chakras.
Relax to the sound of tranquil music and enjoy dazzling crystals, singing bowls, and cleansing incenses to feel rejuvenated and calm after the class.

Performed by Matilde Wergeland

The Reiki Class

Reiki is a healing method that origins from Japan. Reiki means universal life force energy which flows through all living things on our earth. If one´s life force energy is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The class starts with a guided meditation to anchor and ground our bodies, we will bring in new energy and clear our energy field from stuck energy. After the guided meditation, you will stay in meditation while listening to calm and relaxing music and each individual in the group will receive a chakra balancing and Reiki energy through hand laying’s.

Reiki is a holistic treatment that treats the mind, body and spirit at the same time creating many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. During the class you may also experience a warm and tingling feeling when muscles begin to relax and tension releases. It will be a sacred moment for you where time and space disappear, each experience is unique and special and you are welcome to share any thoughts afterwards.

Performed by Amanda Miklin.

Infrared Sauna

The Healing Light

Infrared Sauna Suite

We provide state-of-the art full-spectrum infrared sauna with medical chromotheraphy.

In your own private suite, equipped with a private shower and luxury products, you can relax and unwind while giving the body a deep cleansing experience from the healing rays.

Experience benefits like detoxification, immune-boost, skin health through sweating out nasty chemicals and pollutants. The Infrared light also reduces stress and gives pain relief through increased circulation.

Bring a friend – Friends that sweat together stay together. You pay upon arrival 245 SEK for your plus one.


private and personal

We offer personal training. In one-on-one sessions you will receive personal guidance
and efficient, safe training through mindful, yet strong exercises. Everyone has a different
moving architecture and we have to respect that.



Experience one-to-one training in the Garuda Apparatus – a unique device with almost limitless possibilities. Strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance, with a greater sense of ease and well-being. The results speak for themselves. The Garuda technique draws deeply on mental focus whilst teaching the essential conversation between strength and relaxation in movement. The combination of exercises are limitless and can be uniquely customized to suit everyone. The Garuda Apparatus will take your workout to another dimension.

If you are looking for total privacy, look no further. The Garuda Apparatus session takes place in a private room and if you would prefer, we’ll also have a private changing room and shower for you.

This is also avaible in duo session where you will be training with a friend in separate machines.


Want some solo time with your favorite teacher?

In one-on-one sessions you will receive personal guidance and efficient, safe training through mindful, yet strong exercises. Our expert trainers will widen your horizons; giving you new techniques and challenges to stay energized, uplifted, and further educated from your workout experience.


We offer private groups, 3-5 people, for those of you who would like to train with friends, family or colleagues in an exclusive group.

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