Join us at Remedy where mystic teacher / Spiritual psychic and yogi – Frida Westerdahl guides you in our spiritual workshop – The love of the Archangel.

“Angels are all around and they can help us with both big & small, help us heal, forget and accept life in the most wonderful way. And most of all; they want to inspire us to self love and self forgiveness, so that we can enjoy life fully and experience self esteem in new, relaxed, humorous and very happy way”, Frida Westerdahl.

The day will start with a very gentle deep relaxation to beautiful music and Frida will guide you through the experience of receiving inspiration from the angels on how to let go and deeply ground your self and enjoy the present moment. Then we will gently open the chacras through easy, meditative-movements and breathing techniques. You will learn about the chakras and how to let them guide you to a balanced and flowing life, inspired by the angels. Frida will then guide you on an inner journey through channeled-meditation to meet different archangels and at the final part of the day; your own majestic guardian angel.

About Frida Westerdahl After many creative years on stage, mainly at Stockholm Stadsteater, stress and feelings of pressure led Frida to mindfulness and further to Zen Buddhism and she finally experienced a beautiful spiritual awakening revealing her psychic abilities. She was educated to become a psychic channel and teacher in mysticism and Kundaliniyoga.Frida has led many similar workshops and she channels the angels so each workshop becomes completely unique and an exiting journey for all participants, no matter your previous experiences. There will be a pause in the middle of the workshop where you will served a healthy “fika”.

The workshop will be in Swedish.

Date: 21th of February
Time: 09.00 – 13.00
Price: 1200 kr