Cacao Ceremony Remedy with sound healing and group Reiki. A heart opening experience, where we incorporate different elements and instruments to bring us into a deep relaxed state.

Come join Josephine and Hesam for a Cacao Ceremony with sound healing and group Reiki.

Ceremonial grade cacao is not to be confused with the word chocolate. This cacao is made from 100% pure cacao bean paste, and is minimally processed. We will be using cacao from Bali, which is locally grown and produced. The cacao will help us go more smoothly into receiving mode and deep meditation. With the health benefits of the cacao along with the vibrations of sound we will reach a heart opened, soft and calm state.

Sound Healing affects us on a physical, emotional and energetical level and can help relieve and release blockages that have been stored in the body. The harmonious sounds and vibrations received, also helps the body to come into balance, reduces stress, improves sleep and decreases anxiety. Most people feel very relaxed and a sense of ease after a Sound Healing.

During the sound healing, Josephine will do a group Reiki session. Reiki is a subtle yet powerful energy healing, where the practitioner uses hands and distant healing techniques. The Reiki energy goes through the palms of the practitioner to the client for physical, emotional, energetical, mental and/or spiritual healing. Reiki can bring wellbeing and deep relaxation to body, mind and spirit. It can help reduce stress, physical pain and tension in the body, balance the energy and increase the energetic flow and support emotional clearing.

At the ceremony you can expect:

  • Intro about cacao and it’s benefits
  • Active meditation
  • Sitting meditation
  • Serving the cacao
  • Sound healing
  • Group Reiki
  • Closing

A former Community and PR Manager who chose to leave the corporate world to pursue her heart’s desires. Josephine is a Reiki Master, dedicated yogini and teacher. She holds space and facilitates at retreats, workshops and ceremonies around the world, guiding people deeper into their hearts. Josephine grew up playing and running around in the forest in South of Sweden, which she still does. It’s one of her biggest inspiration sources and where she feels most connected to herself, her truth and her body.

Hesam is a dedicated apprentice of the plants and nature and is deeply intrigued by sound and vibration and how it affects us humans on many levels and our surroundings. He’s passion for music and nature comes through his own journey of healing and understanding of self, and as he shares he hopes for others to find their own inner truth as well.

Date: 14th of February
Time: 10.00 – 13.00
Price: 895 kr