We would like to welcome our newest member to the Remedy family – Rosanna Irgensdotter.

Rosanna is a Reiki Grand Master and intuitive coach. She started her spiritual practice in 2017 after years in the fast paced fashion industry and a strong inner calling to redirect her life. Today Rosanna is a full time Reiki Healer, spiritual teacher and yogini.

At Remedy, Rosanna will substitute for Amanda’s Reiki Classes as Amanda will leave us for a short period of time to welcome her baby into the world and to start her new journey as a mother. 

Every Friday at 12.45, starting 16th of April, Rosanna will perform Reiki Classes. The Reiki starts with a grounding meditation, chakra reading and then mini Reiki treatment on each person to give short energy clearing and a boost leaving all participants revitalized and potentially more aligned with their inner purpose. 

We wish Amanda and her baby the best of luck and welcome Rosanna to the Remedy family!