We welcome Shaman Pernilla to the Remedy Family! Pernilla has previously done special guest appearances at Remedy but will now join us officially! Which we are so thrilled about. 

Pernilla has always strived for development and growth. Her personal journey has taken her around the world, both in the inner and outer landscapes. She feels just as home in New Zealand’s deep, living nature as in the high, mythical mountains of the Andes, where she has walked for days and nights at an altitude of over 5,000 meters.

At Remedy Pernilla will offer the private treatment Shamanic Energy Medicine. The profound treatment will touch you at all levels. It goes deep and transforms heavy energy, releasing blockages that hinders a free flow through the body. During the session you will receive guidance to unshackle conditionings within your energy body and that with time would make way for sickness. The treatment will help you to heal wounds of your soul, traumatic experiences, release emotional blockages with symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression etc.

COMING SOON: Pernilla will soon also perform Shamanic Healing as group classes… Keep an eye open on our social media where we will announce the dates and times.