Remedy and Meditation Breakfast Club invites you to a mindful summer breakfast. 

The Sunday morning will start with a relaxing and energizing Pranayama Mantra Meditation performed by the lovely Reena. Together with Reena you will explore the universal energy Prana with breath and mantra meditation practices. You will learn how to build a daily practice that assists you this summer to utilize the universal energy as a source for self healing. Once zen, a yummy and healthy summer breakfast will be served, specially prepared by Meditation Breakfast Club. After the breakfast Remedy’s own soul guide Camilla will perform an exciting inner soul guidance group session. Camilla will help the group to decode the energy of the upcoming summer and provide essential tools to reach your full potential and start to live from your soul this summer…


Date: Sunday 13/6

09.00 – Doors opens 

09.30 – Pranayama Mantra Meditation with Reena

10.30 – Breakfast is served

Breakfast Menu:
Blueberry, Banana Oats and Quinoa Bowl
Mango, Avocado and Coconut smoothie
Sunflower seed crackers topped with herb salted Avocados

Tea / Coffee

11.15 – Soul Decoding Summer Edition by Camilla Håkansson

12.30 – Event ends 

Price: SEK 1500 p.p

About Reena:
Reena Lindorff is a Mantra meditation and yoga philosophy teacher born in New Delhi, India.
Reenas upbringing and training has upheld meditation or Dhyana Yoga as the most essential part of yoga practice.  Reena has trained Pranayama Mantra meditation with respected and renowned teachers like Srivatsa Ramaswami, Susan Hopkinson; David Newman and has undertaken several workshops conducted by Jaggi Vasudev, Founder of the Isha Yoga Ashram in India.

About Camilla:
Camilla Håkansson is a psychic and intuitive-soul-guide who helps people all over the world navigate spiritual, psychological and lifestyle topics through a unique form of Numerology. In a group session she will channel information by decoding your “Soul-code”, (your date-of-birth), and through connecting with your Akashic Records, the vibrational archives of your soul’s journey. With a decade of spiritual practice and education her mission is to help her clients understand themselves on a deeper level and bring out their inner potential to start living from the Soul.