The Sunday Rise & Shine success is back… This time we want to give you the Remedy experience – during one morning.

Spoil yourself with an urban escape by joining us for a city retreat on January 23rd. A Sunday morning dedicated to heal, transform and support your body, mind & soul.

We invite all of you for a third time to enjoy a half day completely dedicated to yourself and your well-being. Give yourself an energy boost with some fun and challenging exercises, release energy blockages with a guided Sound & Energy healing meditation and treat yourself with a health boosting breakfast. What we call the ultimate Self-Care-Sunday.

The Rise and Shine – The Remedy Experience Edition will include
“The Practice – Morning Edition” with Camilla Ahlqvist – The Practice is a movement-based class that combines mindful movements with high-intensity training to unlock the patterns of your mind. The Practice is a faster up-tempo practice that incorporates more dance and freedom of movement.

Delicious breakfast prepared by our nutritionist Marie Pironneau and a special Appearance by ”Under your skin”. The founder Lovisa Hahn will speak about the story behind the successful, organic and cruelty free skin care brand.

“Garuda Slings” performed by Amelie Parchami – Our signature class Garuda Sling class is put together to strengthen, stabilise and heal your body and mind, using the belt and the springs as equipment. Working with the Sling is unconventional, daring and challenging, as it teaches you to lean into and overcome your uncertainties.

“Sound & Energy Healing” performed by Amelie Parchami and Elin Boëthius- In this class we will relax with the sounds of Crystal Bowls by Remedy’s owner Amelie. The vibration of the sounds connects you physically and mentally to transport you to a state of calm. During the deep relaxation you will receive deep Energy Healing and Chakra Clearing by the energy healer Elin.

08.30 – Doors opens
09.00 – The Practice Morning Edition performed by Camilla Ahlqvist
10.00 – Special Appearance by ”Under your skin” and The Remedy Edition Breakfast prepared by nutritionist Marie
10.45 – Garuda Slings performed by Amelie Parchami
11.45 – Healthier treats and beverages
12.00 – Sound with Crystal Bowls & Energy Healing performed by Amelie Parchami and Elin Boethius
13.00 – End of the day. Feel free to stay and unwind together with the group in our shop.

Date: 23 January
Time: 8.30 – 13.00
Place: Artillerigatan 26
Cost: 1500 SEK

Remedy x Under your skin Giveaway incl Remedy Bag and 20% discount on a private session with either Elin (Integrated Energy Healing) or Marie (The Remedy Nutrition Plan).

Only a few spots available. Book your spot now.