We challenge you to shift your body and mind.

Shapeshift is a body to soul challenge to sculpt your body, unwind the mind and recharge yourself through energy movement and stillness. Attend 10 body/mind classes and choose to either deeply relax with sound healing, sweat in the movement studio or ground yourself through breath work. Whatever your body or mind needs. Be ready to make a commitment to your wellbeing and shift shape of both your body and mind before the new year starts.

Sign up to Shapeshift by purchasing 10 credits at our front desk or email us at to enter the challenge.

When starting the challenge you will also receive two free 40 min sessions in our private infrared sauna suite – you can also bring a friend for free to sweat.

Complete 10 body/mind classes until 20th of December.

Once the challenge is completed, besides a toned body and a peaceful mind, we will offer exclusively 20% off when purchasing 10, 20 or 50 new credits – to celebrate your commitment to wellbeing.

Shapeshift with us this November & December!

*You can enter the challenge anytime between after the 20th of November.
**End of challenge offer applies only for the first 15 people who complete the challenge.
***End of challenge is available to purchase until 31/1 2022.