You will be guided through a deep soul-cleansing breathing technique, a three-part breath done all through the mouth. While laying on your back and also receiving Energy Healing and chakra clearing.

The style of breathwork that we will practice is a version of Holotropic breathwork, which allows you to enter altered states of consciousness.

This practice shifts your subconscious thoughts and release stagnant and stuck energies that come from unexpressed emotions, negative beliefs and traumas. Energies that can make us feel heavy and disconnected. This practice also connects us to the one we really are. Underneath the stories, beliefs, emotions and what happened to us. Because we are so much greater. And when we release the things that are holding us back from who we are and connect to our own inner truth, wisdom and healer. Our life changes with ease.

Both Breathwork and Energy Healing are powerful healing methods by themselves and combined even more so.

Note: Come in comfy clothes and bring a notebook and pen. There will be time for journaling and integration.

Date: 18 of June
Time: 13:00 – 15:00
Price: 750 SEK