This is an exciting class built around breath & sound. A magical mixture of deep breathing techniques in combination with breath holds. Each breathwork session is unique and can increase imagery, open one up to past life events and boost your creativity.

Rosanna use sound healing to release energetic stagnations blocking your natural flow of energy. This is a safe space to go deep and let go. Come as you are, leave rejuvenated. It is recommended not to eat 1 hour prior to this class.

Performed by Rosanna Holmström.

About Rosanna
A former Veterinary nurse who decided to change my profession to work with yoga, breathwork and sound-therapy. I have been teaching for the past years in countless different yogastudios, gyms, companies, and absolutely love what I do.

I’m working closely with Hale center and am currently undergoing a breath-guide and breath performance training with them. I am passionate about teaching others the most powerful self-healing tool there is: their very own breath. I use sound healing and music to release any stagnant or blocked energy during my sessions and strive to always make my clients feel safe and seen.