LPG Treatment

LPG is an non-invasive, advanced stimulation of the circulation and lymphatic system. It´ll help transport away excess fluid and waste products from the connective tissue (fascia) and decrease watrer retention in the body, as well as tighten and smooth loose skin.

Helps and Improves

• Aesthetically, the quality of the skin improves, it´ll increase collagen and elasticity. It´ll also help with increasing fat burning.

• Before and after surgery. Helps with healing new and old scars.

• Improves recovery of the body, muscle pain, circulation and drainage.

• Helps to prevent injuries.

Jennie Gunnarsson tailors her treatments to each individual, using LPG & Massage. In the beautiful treatment-room at Remedy you´ll find the latest LPG- machine on the market – Allliance.

She has a long experience as a massage therapist. Since 2005 Jennie has worked at premium facilities such as Sturebadet and the Grand Hotel Spa in Stockholm.

Instagram: @carebyjenniesthlm

Booking via phone only: Jennie – 0706-98 48 81