Jumpstart – Move In May

Looking to jumpstart your fitness routine this spring? Look no further with Remedy’s MOVE IN MAY campaign!

Throughout the month, we are offering an exclusive discount on group classes, giving you the chance to experience the transformative health benefits of all of our classes. And for those of you ready to commit to your health and wellness long-term, we’ve got an even more exciting offer: sign up for a Remedy membership within a week after your first session, and receive 50 % off your first month


  • Only 169 sek for one class credit. Use code MOVEINMAY at checkout when purchasing online.
  • Applies to all group training
  • 50% off your first month when you sign up to our monthly subscription within a week of your first session. Contact reception after your class to claim the offer.
  • Offer available to first timers at Remedy until 4th of June 2023.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to transform your mind, body and soul at Remedy. Sign up today and let us help you achieve your health goals!

Make your purchase via our booking page and don’t forget to use the code at checkout.