LFA – Life force activation

Our former class KAP – kundalini activation process has a new name: Life Force Activation. The essence of the class remains just the same as before.

Life force activation is crafted for individuals ready to delve into a profound connection with themselves and their authentic essence.

Throughout this journey, we will harness the power of our creative life force energy alongside exploring non-dual states of consciousness. Through relaxation and embracing receptivity, your innate life force will flow within, dissolving any barriers hindering your elevation to a heightened state of awareness.

This experience embodies a profound encounter with your true essence, offering a balance of grounding and expansion. As you surrender and release, the facilitator will gently guide the transmission of energy by intuitively connecting with various points on your body and harmonizing with your energy field.

In addition to our energetic exploration, we incorporate carefully selected music that serves as a supportive companion on your journey, enhancing the depth and resonance of your experience.

This energy is inherently yours; the facilitator acts as a transmission vehicle, aiding in the reawakening of this potent energy within you.