In these healing sessions you get to shift your subconscious thoughts and release stagnant and stuck energies that come from unexpressed emotions, negative beliefs and traumas. In doing so you shift your frequency so you can become a vibrational match to what you’re dreaming of in your heart.

The intention is also to connect you with the one you really are. Underneath the stories, beliefs, emotions and what happened to us. Because we are so much greater. And when we release the things that is holding us back from who we are and connect to our own inner truth and wisdom. Our life changes with ease.

This healing method is built on different modalites, the main building blocks are Reiki, Holotropic Breathwork, Energy healing and Psych-K. All proven methods for transformational work and healing.

Performed by Elin Boëthius.

Time: 90 minutes
Price: 2100 SEK

About Elin

Elin Boëthius is a Reiki Master Teacher, PSYCH-K® facilitator and Holotropic Breathwork & Energy Healing facilitator. Her studies, life and business experiences has guided her to the creation of her Integrative Energy Healing method where she the facilitator of your healing experience.