Resilience breathwork

The breath is one of the easiest and fastest ways we can influence our nervous system. We breathe on average around 20,000 times a day and yet most people aren’t aware of any of these. When we learn about our breathing pattern we can see if it’s serving us or not. For example most people have breathing patterns that are putting them regularly or keeping them in the fight/flight part of their nervous system. This negatively affects thinking, digestion and immune system processes.

In these private sessions we learn techniques you can instantly implement in your daily life. Depending on your needs, your program may include breathing practices to calm and balance the nervous system, deepen your sleep, breathing for optimal performance and breathing for resilience. In between sessions you will be given breathing practices that we can build on and add to.

Life is too precious to be stuck in managing mode. Breath awareness and practice can help us go from managing to fully experiencing life’s up and downs. Moving from surviving to thriving is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

Performed by Luke. 

Monday 09.00 – 11.00
Friday 09.00 – 11.00

1200 SEK

60 minutes

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About Luke

For the last 20 years Luke has been studying with leaders in their respective fields all over the world. This led him to work with athletes in New Zealand, Shaolin Masters in China, Yogi’s in Asia, pioneers in communication and leaders in the field of Integrative health and trauma across the globe. From these pioneers he combine Breathing practices, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Mindful Dialogue and Nervous system resilience practices. For the last five years has he been in Stockholm coaching individuals and businesses in the art of mindful meetings, group and individual thriving at work and at home and the art of purpose and stillness.